Project Description

VALAS presentaciones, imagen destacada

Effective communication tools are fundamental in many fields, especially in business.  And one of the most widely used tools worldwide are presentations. Unfortunately, presentations are often little more than text documents in Powerpoint®, decorated with ornamental elements in an unsuccessful attempt to make them attractive.

Creating an effective and memorable presentation is NOT a question of dressing up slides. Indeed, dressing up anything is counterintuitive to good design and effective communication.

Our FORMULA  Visual thinking + Analytical competence + Our secret ingredient  =  Great presentation

Here you can see some samples of our work in the field of presentations about design/redesign and creation of visual concepts. As we are sure you will understand, we cannot share full presentations due to confidentiality agreements with our clients.

VALAS Presentaciones, Ejemplo 1 - Diseño de diapositiva
VALAS Presentaciones Ejemplo 3
VALAS Presentaciones, Ejemplo 4
Starting point (flat text)Slide - Final design (PPT)
Starting point (draft on paper)Slide - Final design/artwork (PPT)