Project Description

VALAS diseño, imagen destacada

We love to grab a pencil and start scribbling ideas on paper. The magic usually starts here: actively listening to our clients and taking notes. It might look to our clients like we are just doodling, but for us it is the start of a new creative process.

We start to turn the ideas over, play with the words, and unravel the messages. Sometimes it is a fast process and sometimes it takes longer, but at this stage pencils, sticky notes and paper are our allies. In a later phase we change paper&pencil for computer&graphic tablets. And this is where the digital creation starts.

Two worlds -one analog and the other digital- we love both of them, and by combining them, our creative juices begin to flow.

Turning ideas into something visual

VALAS bocetos, Ejemplo 1
VALAS bocetos, Ejemplo 2
VALAS bocetos, Ejemplo 3

Turning drafts&sketches into artwork (analog or digital)

Example 1

Initial draftArtwork - final version

Example 2

Starting point (draft on paper)Artwork - final version

Example 3

Starting point (flat text)Slide - final design

Retouching digital images

Original imageFinal result

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