Project Description

VALAS creatividad, ejemplo

Design Thinking is a concept mainly related to designers and how they think and proceed when facing a problem. We can sum up the idea by saying that Design Thinking is a way of learning while creating. It is a method focused on the generation of innovative ideas that springs from the way product designers work – hence the name!

At first, this methodology was closely related to product development. However, it has become a support tool for innovation and currently it is applicable to several fields, such as product (or services) development or improvement of user experience. We could say that the sky and our own imagination are the only limits to its applications.

Below are some pictures taken during some seminars and workshops that we have been running for the last year with very different goals: from idea generation, or internal processes optimization, to improvement of individual and teamwork skills such as communication or creativity. The best part of all what how much fun everyone had while they were learning and creating.