About us

When we were kids

Hi World! Vanesa and Cris here. We are a brother and sister team and we live in Asturias. Together we are VALAS, a creative project that took off around 2013 when I (Vanesa) realized that I needed a boost in my creative energy that I wasn’t finding in my job at that time. I needed to get back my vital energy, my spark, my soul. So I did what I truly believe that people in that situation should do: I took a break, stepped back to breathe, and thought about how to get back to my roots.

I spent sometime brushing up on a few rusty skills and learning new ones that had been kept on the back burner. I got in touch with professionals and reference entities worldwide, met very inspiring people with contagious vital energy and, little by little, I started to create a new road aligned with my values and passions.

Time went by, the weeks turned into months, and finally I realized that there weren’t enough hours in the day to get through the backlog of work that was piling up. So I did it . . .  I called my brother and asked him:  “would you like to join me in this adventure, little bro?” Luckily, he accepted! ?

Nowadays creativity is our driving force. We work with SMEs, startups, entrepreneurs, schools, universities and large companies worldwide. We are involved in education, communication&design and human resources.

Recently, a satisfied client told us that we were “ an energetic cocktail of understanding and empathy, creativity and technical know-how that is hard to find”. Take that! We were delighted with the review!

Sincerely, we thank you for reading these lines about us. Whether you are business, an individual, a school, a start-up, a multinational or any other organization, we invite you to discover us and find out what we can do together. We’re sure you won’t regret it.